Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


  • Payment includes the day of arrival and the day of departure.
  • A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required upon reservation.
  • The remainder is to be paid in full on the day of arrival.
  • Although less than three day stays are welcomed, due to the cleaning protocols undertaken after each cats stay, a minimum three day accommodation charge is made.
  • If collection is delayed by a day, an additional day fee will be charged.
  • In the case of indefinite long-term stays, we request an up-front payment equivalent to 4 weeks stay. Subsequent payments will be charged every 2 weeks (so the first regular payment will be due at the end of the 2nd week). Purrfect Staycation Cattery will require 2 weeks notice prior to collecting your pet.
  • Should we discover that a guest has worms or fleas, we will take the cat to the Vet to arrange an appropriate treatment (unless previously advised by the owner of an acceptable treatment to give their cat, this treatment must also be provided upon arrival) the costs will be charged to the customer upon collection.
  • In case of any medical condition arising during your cat's stay with us, we will attempt to contact you or your nominated person prior to contacting the vet, where contact is not made we will make the decision and take the cat to the vets, or we will call a vet out depending upon the nature of the issue. Where there is a medical emergency veterinary care will not be delayed and we will take direction given to Purrfect Staycation Cattery by the vets. We are registered with Wolds Veterinary Clinic in Humberston, but are happy to consult your regular vet, provided your vet is happy to charge your account directly in your absence and the practice is within a distance of 15 miles of Purrfect Staycation Cattery. Costs will be charged to the customer upon collection.
  • Where your pet requires administration of medication we include this in the daily fee. There is a small additional fee for diabetic cats that require injection. Our cattery will administer medication to manageable cats. However, should a cat display signs of causing harm to our cattery staff or to itself whilst attempting to administer medication, making it impossible to treat the cat, then it will be necessary for the cat to be cared for by a veterinary surgeon, either at our cattery or at the veterinary surgery. Any veterinary fees incurred in this situation will be charged to the customer upon collection.
  • Cats cannot be released until full payment has been received for both accommodation and any additional fees incurred during their stay (such as vet fees).
  • Early collection prior to the contracted departure date is not a problem, however you will still be charged the full original stay period agreed.
  • If a guest is not collected within 14 days of the agreed collection date and the owner has not been in touch to set up a new agreement, then we are sadly forced to take measures to rehome the cat. Payment will be pursued for the extra days that the cat has stayed with us.


  • The owner must ensure that their cat's vaccinations against feline panleukopenia, feline parvovirus (infectious enteritis) and feline respiratory virus  (feline herpesvirus and feline calicivirus) vaccinations are up to date and the vaccination evidence provided by the vet is brought along when dropping off your cat for their stay. We cannot accept a cat onto the premises without this.
  • It is important that we have been informed of any health/medical issues or concerns before a cat's stay with us. We like to furnish the pen and allocate the time needed to meet any such requirement. This information should be provided on the booking form so that our staff can be briefed on your pet's needs.
  • If medication is to be administered, the owner must bring sufficient supplies to cover the length of the stay, along with precise administration details. When injections are to be administered a sharps bin should also be brought along for safe disposal of needles. Any agreement to administer medication, whether in tablet form, injections or for example tending a dressing, is entirely at the owner's own risk.
  • No cat, suspected of suffering from an infectious or contagious disease, can be accepted into the cattery.
  • At this time we do not accept male cats to board with us over the age of 6 months that have not been neutered.
  • Whilst we take every precaution possible to keep our guests safe and secure, Purrfect Staycation Cattery cannot be held responsible for illness, disease, accident or death that may occur during boarding, that are reasonably beyond our control.
  • Customers must agree that their cat's stay with us is entirely at the owner's own risk.

 Feed and Water

  • Water is changed with fresh on a daily basis and topped up throughout the day where required.
  • Feeding is undertaken on a morning and afternoon with an 8hr period inbetween meals. 
  • Wet and dry food can be provided upon request, for example Whiskas, Royal Canin, Sheba or supermarket brands for no extra cost or you are welcome to bring your own food.

 Additional Information

  • Cats must be transported in a secure and suitable pet carrier.
  • All personal belongings deposited at our cattery are left at the owner’s risk.
  • The grooming of cats will be carried out as necessary (unless you request us not to) at no extra charge. However, we reserve the right to not groom any cat that gets distressed or displays signs of causing harm to our staff whilst being groomed.
  • We will interact and play with cats on a daily basis unless you request us not to.
  • Where cats from the same household share a family unit there maybe a requirement to split into separate units if there is concern for the cats wellbeing & safety or they start to fight, additional costs maybe incurred where this is the case.